"Greening Up" Your Home CAN Increase It's Value

The perennial question - is the money needed to "go green" with improvements in your home worth it in the end when it is time to sell?  The answer is resoundly Yes!

Buyers can be intrigued with solar panels, energy efficient windows, a commerial grade air exchanger, Energy Star appliances, super heavy insulation (just as examples) when realizing these features will translate to phenominal energy savings on utility bills, super clean air to breathe 24/7, and a positive impact on the environment in general.  These are the paybacks received while living in the home, additional benefits also can be reaped when leaving it.

A recent study in Washington D.C. by local appraisers compared "regular" homes sold to those sold having green improvements, all other features (bedrooms, baths, style, etc.) being similar of course.  The study was funded by the DC Department of Energy and ran numbers between February 2013 until June 2015. Results came back to show that buyers had been willing to pay an average of 3.46 percent higher for the environmentally friendly properties!

While there are always small ways to start becoming "green" in everyday life, the serious task of rehab to one's home is NOT a do-it-yourself affair.  Instead it will most likely translate into a deep energy retrofit.  However this can well be worth the time/effort for setting up an initial in-depth study with the local energy company. This is the first step!  After this, a homeowner can address improvement items on the provided report at their own pace.  An incentive of various available rebates can also help offset the financial costs of the upgrades.

As a GREEN realtor, I can help you with any information/questions you may have regarding this idea.  AND as a GREEN relator, I will also help market your resulting green home for a higher value as studies indicate when it may be time to sell.  Please feel free to contact me at any time....

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