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If you are fascinated by residential high-rises, educational opportunities, public libraries, and a vast number of historic points of interest, you will simply love what the city of Southfield, MI will have to offer. Regardless of where you currently live, picking up and moving your entire life can be a challenge. In order to curtail some of the downsides to this challenge, it'll be important to choose a location that can provide you with everything needed when it comes to accommodations and amenities. One place in the entire state of Michigan that may be able to provide all that you need will be the city of Southfield. This is a city that may be small in size; however, this is a location that has a whole lot to offer.

College & Universities

If higher education is an important aspect of your life, you'll discover that Southfield, MI is one of the main locations for colleges and universities. Some of the better-known colleges in the area will be the Oakland Community College and the Lawrence Technological University. In addition, for those interested in media, you will discover that the Specs Howard School of Media Arts is also located within the city limits of Southfield. There are a number of other colleges and universities located in the area that you will have total access to on any given occasion.

Points of Interest

Originally named the Duns Scotus College, the Word of Faith International Christian Center is also located within Southfield, MI, and is considered to be one of the most fascinating historic points of interest in the area. This is a location that was established back in 1928. After being completed and opened for business in 1930, this location was run as a college of the Friars Minor until 1979. In 1979 the college was then taken over by the Word of Faith, and has been operated and maintained as a historic point of interest as well as a fine accredited educational institution since that time.

Real Estate

It's not easy to move once you've lived in an area for a certain period of time. For many relocating can be an adventure, while for others it can create a challenge. If you have been contemplating a change when it comes to your living situation, you'll find that there are many real estate opportunities available in the area of Southfield, MI. Whether you're looking for a private home, or something more extravagant such as a mansion or a home in a gated community, you'll find all that you need when it comes to real estate in this wonderful area.

Like many of the surrounding townships, you'll discover that Southfield, MI is a community of people that believe and events, activities, and programs that are community driven. With that being said, you'll discover that this is an area that has experienced growth in the past few years that can be attributed to the people that enjoy living in this wonderful yet elegant area. So, if you find that making a move may be challenging, you'll find that this is an area that can provide all that is needed when it comes to people, community, and a vast number of opportunities.

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