LIFE SAVER #1 - You locked your keys inside the car!!

Just when you were in a rush, you thoughtlessly slammed the door shut with the keys still inside.  Now you can't get anywhere! 

No sweat - simply use your cell phone and call a family member at home on THEIR cell phone number.  (This is assuming you or they have a spare set with a remote on the premises).

Then hold your phone about 12" from the lock as the person at home holds their phone close to the remote while pressing the "unlock" button.  The doors will open and will save the need for a rescue trip!!  It doesn't matter if you are 1 mile - or 1,000 - miles away.  Also works for opening the trunk.

More to come - another "life-saver" next blog....

Gail Corcoran / Birmingham-Royal office / 248-556-7463

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