When Should I Make an Offer? Buyers Read On...

You have been looking at homes for a while and many seem very nice and all are within your lender's preapproved amount.  Question will then arise - how do you eliminate and decide which property is "THE ONE" for you?  The qualifying answer to this - if at least one of the following points is true:

1) Has one property surfaced that it seems you are always comparing it to every other one during your viewings?

2) Has one shown you a unique quality, something that you like that you will likely not find in any other?

3) Does one make you "worry the bone" - that is, one that you keep coming back to in your thoughts any time of the day (or night)?

4) Is there one home that you will feel disappointed and/or devastated if your realtor would inform you in the near future that is now pending an offer with another buyer?

Any serious buyer in this immediate area already is aware that this spring 2017 real estate cycle is currently in reality a "seller's market".  Meaning there are not enough listings to go around for the number of people searching for them.  All truly great houses therefore are "gone" within a few minutes days of their initial listing.  Sellers are even receiving multiple offers, ideal for them as it makes for alternative choices in selecting their perfect transaction.  With this in mind, as a buyer, do not delay in writing a Purchase Agreement!  Hopefully, the above (4) scenarios can help you validate in your head the need for your quick decision.  Don't forget, you will have an inspection period immediately following acceptance of your offer in which you can then diligently sort out all points - once and for all!

Finally, do you wish to know more about our spring real estate market?  Please feel free to contact me.  As always, I will be happy to meet you and to help...

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