Why Hire a Home Inspector?

       Okay so you love the house and you just know it is the right one for you - are you really going to see all the flaws it may hold? Are you going to realize that it may need a lot more work than you can do yourself? Maybe you are anticipating making a lot of changes - will the current mechanicals support your new design? How about hearing that everything is great and you are getting a wonderful home? Bet you like that one!

        Buying a house has a lot of emotional baggage that comes along with it. Most of us are already stretched when making this life changing purchase and don’t want to, or don’t think we can, afford that $250+ for an inspection. Trust me it is probably the best few hundred dollars you’ll spend.

       Home Inspectors provide an un-biased opinion of your new home. They have no emotional tie to the property. They are hired by you, are working for you, and are reporting their findings to you, so that you can feel comfortable with your decision to purchase or in some cases make the decision to move on.

      Uncle Joe, Dad, or your best buddy might be knowledgable but are they also ready to bare the grief or foot the bill when you find out they didn’t catch something major?

       Agents regularly work closely with home inspectors and keep lists of recommended home professionals ready. Ask them for more than one reference so that you can choose and there is no conflict of interest. Obtain references from family members and friends.   A referral from family and friends is the best type of referral because they can share personal details of their unbiased experience with an inspector, such as problems discovered that an inspector missed.

     Okay so now that you have a better understanding watch this blog next time for "How to Pick a Home Inspector".

       Remember a new home purchase is all about YOU!

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