Prep your house for any market!

          “Dress” Your House For Sale

         Help your Home Look its Best!


  •  Make every room look larger and feel neater. If a house

            is cluttered, buyers have trouble imagining themselves

            in it. By removing or storing items you don’t need, you

            create a roomy, comfortable feeling that will be

            inviting to prospective buyers. Remember, when in doubt,

            throw it out, sell it, or give it away!


  •   Cleaning makes the house easy for buyers to explore and

            gives the impression that it has been well cared for. Be

            sure every room smells as good as it looks, paying 

            special attention to pet areas, nurseries and bathrooms.

            Some fresh paint and a one-time professional cleaning

            service can make your home look like new!


  •   Repairing eliminates buyers’ objections before they arise.

            If you think something is too much trouble to fix,

            chances are the buyers will, too. Buyers tend to think

            repairs will cost more to fix than they actually do.


  •  Neutralizing helps buyers see their possessions in your

            house and picture themselves living there. Neutral

            paint, decor and carpeting create a home for any

            lifestyle. Eliminating distracting colors and accessories

            allows buyers to concentrate on positive impressions.


  •   Dynamizing™ makes the exterior and every room of your

            house special. Since your house is competing with

            many other properties on the market, you need to

            make your home stand out and be memorable.

   Call and ask about the "Dress Your House For Success" DVD available in my lending library.


Nancy Hajduk

Nancy Hajduk

Realtor / Sales Associate / Consultant
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