It's Summertime, Summerrtime, Sum Sum Summertime

Ok. I know. It's been nearly 5 months since my last blog post, but, I'm here and all is well and has been for the entire 5 months. This month, I begin my 20th year as a Realtor, having ended my sportscasting career in March, 1998. Then the State of Michigan Real Estate Licensing course and in May, 1998, I was finally a Realtor have passed the licensing exam. Since then, I've taken other educational courses to get my ABR designation (Accredited Buyers Representative) and my ePRO certification (electronic professional), which means I know something about real estate and the internet.

I remember listing my first house, just south of our office at 4820 Rochester Road in Troy, on Willow Creek Drive in Troy's Shallowdale Subdivision. A family, originally from Texas, had move here a couple of years before, with the man of the house, getting a managers job at what was then a Hudson's store in Oakland Mall. But, as happens, it was time to move back to Texas for another managers job at another store and as it turned out, the new buyer had just been appointed as the head priest at the Greek Orthodox Church on Wattles in Troy, moving in from the New York City area, so the house on Willow Creek, suited his commuting to a "T".

That's what I love about this business, seeing the smiling faces of both the buyer and seller during closing and the key exchange. When the owners on Willow Creek left for a week to go back to Texas to "house hunt," I actually took care of their chihauhua at my house, for the week. That was an experience. And when all was said and done, both buyer and seller were happy, although I can't speak for the chihauhau!.

I've been through a slightly down market when I first started, to a booming market 1999-2006, then the market of "The Great Recession." The good news, housing prices have just about recovered, back to where they were in 2005 and 2006. A lot depends on location of course, as there are pockets in some areas that a slightly higher priced than in 2005 and '06 and some pockets slightly lower. But, it's a great time to sell right now, with prices recovered to a decent level. And for buyers, hey, interest rates are still great. 

So, until next time, see you at closing!!



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