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Considered to be Oakland County's second-largest city, Farmington Hills, MI resides northwest of Detroit off of I-696 and I-96. Although this area is a suburb of Detroit, you will find that it is not a densely populated area, which provides many opportunities for those looking for a wonderful place to live that isn't too far from some of the larger cities in the area. Access will not be a problem in this area simply because four major interstates converge on this small yet elegant community. With a population of 79,000 residents that are sitting on 33 square miles of land as of 2010, you'll find that there are many opportunities available for those looking for a new home or investment opportunities in the area.


Probably one of the most important items people will want to consider before moving to any area is the community. You'll discover that the area of Farmington Hills is a community driven area. Although the people in this area are inviting and very friendly, they also believe in communities that unite for a purpose. There are many programs available in these areas that cater to the general population that is indigenous to the area. Whether it comes to activities, education, or places to live, you'll find that each of these items will be extremely important to all the individuals that live here.


When performing research on the Farmington Hills area, you'll find that the economy is growing at a steady yet promising rate. With some of the new additions in the downtown locations such as restaurants, car dealerships, boutiques, art galleries, parking areas, and public parks, Farmington Hills is making progress in a variety of different areas, while at the same time staying focused on community-based programs that are created to enhance the lifestyles of the individuals that live within this area.

Real estate

As with any growing community, real estate will always play an important role. You'll find that there are many opportunities in this area when it comes to buying your first home or selling your home in another area and relocating to Farmington Hills. If you are more of an investment minded person, you'll find that there are many investment opportunities in the commercial and manufacturing areas within the township. If you're looking for something more specific when it comes to your real estate needs, there are real estate agents standing by that can provide you with detailed information on this area, as well as the current and future direction of the real estate market.

If you like a friendly round of traditional golf, you'll find the Franklin Hill Country Club, Farmington Hills Golf Club, and the Independence Green Golf Course will be available for those that don't want to miss their tee-off time. When it comes to higher education, the Oakland community college will be available for those that are looking for full-time enrollment. There are many parks located in the area for those that like to enjoy outdoor activities such as a stroll in the Park, tennis, baseball, or simply to take their children to the playgrounds. Although Farmington Hills, MI isn't as large as some of the other surrounding townships, you'll find that it will have a lot to offer when it comes to your relocation or investment needs.

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